The University of Utah
College of Architecture + Planning


The goal of ecological planning is to develop human habitat that is ecologically integrated, builds on local natural assets and community values, and optimizes social and ecological well-being.

Ecological planning is a way of thinking about and approaching the challenges and opportunities of human settlements in the 21st century. It draws on multiple disciplines to consciously interweave human, biophysical, and built systems in the shaping of our environment — people, place, and design.

The Center for Ecological Planning and Design encourages interdisciplinary collaboration. Our members — with backgrounds ranging from architecture, to geology, to environmental dispute resolution — work closely with academic and community partners to shorten the pipeline between research and application. We apply principles of urban ecology, environmental planning, and design and engineering to generate sustainable solutions in planning for equitable, vibrant, and healthy human habitats.

The CEPD was founded in 2011 with a gift to the Department of City & Metropolitan Planning by the Swaner family.