The University of Utah
College of Architecture + Planning
GCSC Seminar: Lance Gunderson on Adaption and Transformation of Managed Riparian Systems |3-21-17|

Adaptation and Transformation in Managed Riparian and Wetland Systems Across the U.S: Lance Gunderson

Date: Tuesday, March 21
Time: 4:00pm – 5:00pm
Location: Aline Skaggs Building, 210 ASB
*Seminars are open to all, refreshments and meet the speaker at 3:45!

Event Description:

Recent assessments by legal, social and ecological scholars of six regional scale water systems (Columbia River, Klamath River, Middle Rio Grande River, Central Platte River, Anacostia River and the Everglades wetlands) all suggest a common historical pattern of crisis, adaptation and transformation. All systems went through development phases that created infrastructure and policies aimed at controlling the water to meet a set of human water supply needs.   Such successful control led to a decline in ecological resilience, resulting in a series of environmental surprises. Such crises were followed by lurches in adaptation and learning, in which new institutional and governance structures emerged.  Such adaptive forms of governance appear to be a robust way of integrating science, law and policy to confront the uncertainties of climate change.