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Water in the West: Untapped Solutions |3-23-17 & 3-24-17|

Water in the West: Untapped Solutions |3-23-17 & 3-24-17|

The Stegner Center’s 22nd Annual Symposium: “Water in the West: Untapped Solutions”

Date: Thursday, March 23 & Friday March 24
Time: 8:00am (March 23) & 12:30pm (March 24)
Location: S.J. Quinney College of Law


The Stegner Center’s 22nd Annual Symposium, to be held March 23 to 24, 2017, will focus on “Water in the West: Untapped Solutions.” The symposium will address how the twin drivers of climate disruption and demographic change are likely to impact water availability in the West over the next 50 years.

With these challenges as a backdrop, the Stegner Center’s solution-oriented symposium will focus on practical solutions to problems. Specifically, the Symposium will address four sets of issues: changing law—legal innovations to address these issues; changing science and the role of technology in improving data-driven water resource planning and management; changing infrastructure and new approaches like recycling wastewater; and changing behaviors—creating incentives that bring about the changes needed to respond to a dynamic world. The symposium will be interdisciplinary in nature and include speakers from the physical, biological and social sciences, academia, government, industry, public interest organizations, and the legal profession.

For additional information or to register for the Symposium see the Stegner Center Website